Ride the adventure with your Scrambler.


Realized for Teknikwood balance bike line Baby Moto.

This balance bike it is not like the others, it is the Scrambler.

Entirely made in wood this balance bike has been designed to let the kids get onto their Scrambler and ride wild roads and discover the world!

The purpose of this toy is to teach the children how to get balance and follow them during their growth.

In fact this balance bike follows the kids' growth thanks to its system that allows to change the height of the saddle depending on the children's one.

Due to its characteristic the toy will have a longer life and it won't be changed for another one or thrown away producing waste, as often happen. 

This makes the bike a more economic and environmental "sustainable" toy.

The Scrambler balance bike has been presented at the Nuremberg toy fair, Spielwarenmesse 2018.

The bike has been handmade produced in Italy by Teknikwood,

a brand of Studio Arredi


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