Teknikwood Spielwaremesse 2018


Project realized for Teknikwood  at the Spielwaremesse (International Toys Fair) 2018 in Nuremberg.

The purpose of the stand design is to divided the exhibit area in three parts: one dedicate to the balance bikes, one to the kids furniture and the last one to the constructions and their characters. 

The products characteristics and qualities are underline thanks to the contrast that is created on purpose between the colors of the back grounds and the ones of the different objects and graphics.

All the stand is realized entirely in wood, as the toys that the company produces, in order to underline the quality and the property of this material and to be coherent with the company's vision .

Work Team  

Exhibit designer : Matteo Zaghi 

Project design manager : Federico Verdi

Ferifè graphics : Contradamanti

Stand Assembler: Studio Arredi


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