Pro Trek


Design for the Casio ProTrek and C.A.I. Italian national competition, classified as second best design.

Since childhood I was attracted by the outdoor, then I discovered the mountain, hiking and then skiing, climbing and mountaineering. The adventure, the challenge and the beauty of nature is what I look for when I’m in the mountains or on a trip.

The design is inspired by the Italian alpine range, with the shapes and shadows that our mountains take during the sunset. 

The mountains are stylized in triangular and trapezoidal forms, trying to represent the different profiles that can be found in the Alps. 

The profiles are deliberately indefinite so that anyone possessing the watch can recognize at least one of “his” mountain in the graphics. 

On the other hand, gray and black colors represent the different shadows that are projected on the mountains during the hours of the day. 

Finally, I thought it was very useful for any “Alpine traveler” to have the two most used metric scales in maps (1:50,000 and 1:25,000) on the watch strap, having the opportunity to use it as “meter “to measure distances on maps.

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