No tools, no screws, no nails

Red Dot Design Award 2019 Winner

Fsc Design Award 2017 Finalist 

Casattava is a birch plywood worktable that can be adjusted throughout the years of users growth. 

Defined by the FSC Design Award judges as “an ingenious design that, with its cool details and many features, surprised the judges. Casattava is thoughtful and has a beautiful, sustainable tale from cradle to grave.”

Casattava is made of 100% birch plywood. 

Manufactory is efficient due to standard plywood as only material, and packaging flatter, lighter and thinner than with regular furniture. Interlocking system of joints allows easy and fast assembly and disassembly avoiding extra tools and metalware. Single components can be substituted once broken, without buying a new whole product. The design process focused on everyday activities that we encounter on our desk at different ages of our life. The user can personalize the desk and make it own, getting fond and taking care of the desk because it is able to adapt and follow his /her needs. Two blackboards doors, on which you can take notes or draw, give access to compartments useful to storage working and studying instruments. The same blackboard finishing is used for the upper round bar, where you can also attach a clamp lamp or a paper roll. A desk should be organized and easy to clean; for these purposes a pen engraving and a hole to wipe all the rubber residues directly in to a basket are present on the desk.

Something that is flat, easy and fast for everyone, like the design 

I believe in.

Design team : Matteo Zaghi, Heikki Herranen

Produced by : Studio Arredi Srl


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