Who I Am

Matteo Zaghi

Born in Torino in 1992, 

I studied Design and Visual Communication at Politecnico di Torino and at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. 

Bachelor degree in Design and Visual Communication at  Politecnico of Turin in 2015.

Master degree in Industrial Design at Kolding Design Skolen Denmark in 2018

Through these years I have been working with different partners as a intern, employee and as a freelance designer



I like a design useful, sustainable, clean and multipurpose.

Design is a service for the human being, due to that I like to  be focussed on the user and the action that has to be done and from that define the product's forms 

I like to work with design through a multidisciplinary thinking and I always try to carry out practical and experimental research and tests on the field. 

New materials and new applications are always welcome


ProDe Work Philosophy 

Choose the slice you want

Every project is composed by different phases: from the pre-concept research to the final exhibition and presentation of the result.

At ProDe we are able to service you on all these phases, organizing and utilizing in the most effective way all the "ingredients" in order to reach the best and more suitable result for you.


ProDe Collaborators

With ProDe are working different passionated designers with different backgrounds, know-how and nationalities. 

We believe in multidisciplinary works and projects, where practicality, sustainability, empirical studies and beauty are the characteristics we look for.

We work with ambitious companies to create high quality products and spaces. 


Heikki Herranen

Industrial Designer 

Germain Alati

Film Director

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